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Enablis Wins ScienceLogic Spotlight Award

Creating Revenue Streams That Support Digital Transformation
We recently honored customers in our Asia-Pacific region for their achievements in using and extending the ScienceLogic solution to solve business problems.

We recently honored customers in our Asia-Pacific region for their achievements in using and extending the ScienceLogic solution to solve business problems.

Our second customer spotlight award went to Enablis, a leading managed IT communication and cloud service provider in Australia.

The Challenge: Implementing New Revenue Streams to Support Business Growth

How can you monetize the latest industry trend and differentiate from competitors?

Enablis chose ScienceLogic 4 years ago because of our advanced monitoring capabilities and support for hybrid IT environments and innovative technologies. They continue to partner with us because business growth is a continuous push MSPs need to make. The flexibility of the ScienceLogic platform helps Enablis implement new service streams based on the latest IT developments.

Simplify Management Tasks, Automate System Updates, and Deliver Granular System Visibility

Enablis responded to customer requirements to provide Azure and AWS Cloud across public/private protocols whist delivering greater support management for Palo-Alto services. They increased their service response times, because ScienceLogic can be deployed across multiple clouds. They protect customers against new threats by automating services with Palo-Alto’s security functionality that provides real-time network, endpoint, and cloud environment management.

To keep costs down, reduce manual input, and increase data accuracy, Enablis automates their IT processes. For example, they integrated ScienceLogic with ServiceNow to automate their ticketing and fault management. Enablis rolled out Azure Cloud services (private and public) along with AWS Cloud services over the past two years to leverage ScienceLogic’s monitoring features across both platforms. They invested internally with additional staff (sales, operations, support) and training programs which allow engineers to enhance ScienceLogic features to better service customer needs. Enablis also extended into new geographic regions in Australia based on growth and success of ScienceLogic.

“The ScienceLogic platform is a core aspect of our managed service, and we see a lot of additional value that we can add – expanding into workload management, service visibility, and more,” said Jon Evans, CEO of Enablis.

Enablis’s Results: 35%+ Growth Year-on-Year

One of the biggest impacts is ScienceLogic’s ability to offer new monitoring services for hybrid cloud, especially AWS and Azure. ScienceLogic’s ability to monitor Palo-Alto networks has also been a key feature in how Enablis responds to customer needs. “They have a great understanding of our business and go-to-market needs, and have helped tailor their platform services to allow us to offer compelling monitoring and management capabilities in the market,” said Jon Evans, CEO of Enablis.

When Enablis first switched to ScienceLogic as their primary monitoring platform, they increased revenues by more than 35%. And the value won’t stop there.

The future for our partnership includes expanding the level of system monitoring past the network to include storage, and the ability to view and track relationships between servers and related infrastructure. The compute functionality in ScienceLogic gives Enablis global visibility across multi-vendor servers or operating system (OS) configuration, performance, utilization and capacity. They can monitor multiple technologies such as physical, virtualized, converged, hyperconverged, and cloud applications-on-premises, hosted, and cloud.

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