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Atea Pursues Customer Centricity Founded on Service Innovation Projects

Build a recurring revenue base by doubling-down on the commitment to stay ahead of market demands and exceed customer expectations.

Atea, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region, is in the midst of an exciting digital transformation. As a global company with more than six thousand employees and revenues of $4 billion, Atea is focused on building a recurring revenue base by doubling-down on their commitment to stay ahead of market demands and exceeding customer expectations.

And in the world of IT infrastructure solutions, exceeding customer expectations has become increasingly difficult for a number of managed service providers (MSP) like Atea.

Not too long ago, MSPs gave their customers generic black box services that provided little to no visibility into how their infrastructure was changing or performing. As a consequence, enterprises couldn’t proactively manage or troubleshoot issues before they occurred. The resulting effect left many enterprises bewildered, wondering why they were paying for an MSP in the first place.

Atea demanded better for their customers.

Atea understood that as today’s business infrastructures become more ephemeral and technologically complex, it affects the overall agility of the business and their operational efficiencies. “Our main job is to get as close to the customers as possible, deliver the best solutions, and focus on the customer experience, “said Doug James (DJ), Manager, Technology Office at Atea.

Specifically, Atea sought to build unparalleled levels of differentiation and value for their customers by providing real-time, granular visibility into the performance of their infrastructure. Atea knew that by providing detailed levels of insight and infrastructure performance, they’d enable their customers to be more agile and responsive. And throughout the process, Atea knew they would continue to earn their customer’s trust.

To provide the insight necessary to help customers understand the operability of their infrastructure, Atea employed a two-pronged approach:

First, Atea reorganized their business units into three divisions (enterprise, commercial, and public) and fundamentally changed how they interact with their customers. Through the restructuring, Atea wanted to get closer to their customers, learn their pain points, and provide the best solutions possible.

Second, Atea had to provide their customers with a full stack view of their infrastructure and show the relationship between devices and their impact on the overall business services. By delivering clarity into how a customer’s stack is performing, even as the technology changes in real-time, Atea had the opportunity to do more than just gain their customer’s business; they had the chance to earn their trust.

And to give that sought-after insight, Atea turned to ScienceLogic and SL1.

“We’re migrating our internal infrastructure to SL1, and it’s going well,” DJ said. “We’ve received positive feedback and almost all of our customers for networking as a service will be migrated to [SL1], and their feedback has been very positive. With three of our customers, we’ve actually given them read access to enhanced dashboards, and as long as you have trust, visibility, and respect with your customers, you’ll always have a happy customer,” he added.

In addition to providing detailed visibility into how their customer’s infrastructures are performing, SL1 empowered Atea to increase their organizational forecasting.

Where SL1 comes into play, especially in our technology office, is [helping] us forecast where we want to be not only next year, but in two or three years, and being in the front to deliver the best services possible,” DJ said. “We need to take our customers by the hand and help them optimize their business and advise them the whole way.”

Possessing the ability to serve as a strategic advisor and not just another vendor is essential for Atea. Rather than offer a stale set of solutions that may or may not solve their customer’s pain points, Atea is using SL1 to innovate and build new service offerings that are fundamentally changing how they engage with their customers.

“Now we’re saying, ‘instead of just buy hardware; it should come with a service on top.’ A lot of our customers see that we’re great at putting things together, and with the underlying technology, we’re now able to optimize their service, and ScienceLogic makes it easy to take their core components and provide visibility into what’s working and how it affects their business service,” DJ proclaimed.

Atea’s transformation and newfound capabilities are also having an extraordinary effect on their bottom line.

“If we doubled our growth last year, with the amount of assets and customers, I think we can triple our growth in the next 12 months,” DJ said. “But that’s only possible because we’ve been given direct access to [ScienceLogic’s] senior management, team, developers, product managers, and that has transformed how we deliver services to our customers.”

As Atea continues their rapid growth and expansion plans, they remain focused on delivering infrastructure visibility and solutions that no other MSPs can touch. “When we can show [customers] how their infrastructure looks, because things move quickly in IT, it’s a massive advantage for [us]. We can now give them the visibility that they can trust,” DJ concluded.

To learn more about Atea’s transformational growth, listen to this interview session between DJ and Dave Link, CMO of ScienceLogic.

For more information on Atea and their offerings, please visit: www.Atea.com