Why I Joined ScienceLogic: Disrupting the Narrative around Service Management

As some of you know, I’ve joined Dave Link & the team at ScienceLogic as the new CMO. It’s been about a month in the seat, & I’ve heard from many of you asking who’s ScienceLogic and why ScienceLogic?

I remain inspired by entrepreneurs who’ve had the courage to boot-strap the business and yet exercise patience and conviction to play the long-game. ScienceLogic has grown from a boot-strap organization to a well-funded company supported by top-tier Silicon Valley VCs.

For those new to ScienceLogic, the company provides IT service level visibility and management through productivity tools that enable device and application discovery, establishment of clean data lake through real-time analytics and implementation of run-time automations. So why is this more broadly relevant and not a dialogue reserved within the bowels of IT professionals?

In a world where business services are end-user services – running 100s of applications built on millions of ephemeral resources, having actionable insight across modern DevOps domains and legacy systems is business critical. As agile workplaces gain momentum, application and infrastructure layers must converge with workloads migrating across multiple clouds requiring modern tool sets capable of tracking the business service and not the infrastructure alone. But I still sense you asking why ScienceLogic?

It’s maybe why:

  • Piper Jaffray reflects on the emergence of context aware and process-driven applications as the future, and that companies that figure out the best way to understand, contextualize, and embed data intelligently into a business process will own their respective markets. This is the movement towards next-gen enterprise applications or as they call it “Smart Apps” where System of Records, Intelligence and Engagement go beyond automating business workflows but to actually change them (iteratively) to drive better business outcomes.
  • A top 5 global bank CIO spoke of his biggest challenges in digital transformation as the failure to understand what they have in their disparate systems and the implications of one system on another.
  • The company has thousands of PowerPack (APIs) integrations extending into every major system and business process platform in a modern data center extracting performance, configuration and fault data, drawing clear and actionable visibility under a unified view.
  • The company enables the value of predictive analytics using advanced AI/ML engines through high quality and real-time training data across defined enterprise system and business processes.
  • The company is already part of an elite group of transformative subscription based software infrastructure companies growing revenues nearing 50% y/y.

As Jack Dorsey once noted, many of Silicon Valley’s seemingly overnight success stories toiled away for years silently building a foundation of capabilities in anticipation of opportunity meeting preparation. Given what engineering has in store, 2018 will be a monumental year.

In short, I want to tell this story of disruption in Service Management and why the world needs a ScienceLogic and give voice to the vision, courage and passion of the founders as well as the entire global ScienceLogic team.

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