ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform that delivers digital workflows to unlock employee productivity. ScienceLogic helps businesses amplify their ServiceNow investments by ensuring an accurate CMDB and enabling automated incident, change, configuration, and compliance management workflows.

ScienceLogic SL1 provides a closed-loop integration with ServiceNow to:

  • Continuously discover, collect, and map infrastructure, application, and service data and relationships across the IT ecosystem (on-premises and cloud) and keep the ServiceNow CMDB up-to-date.
  • Automatically log actionable ServiceNow incidents based on events tied to on-prem and cloud-based assets. By applying topology-based event suppression/correlation, SL1 reduces incident noise. By automatically capturing detailed diagnostic data when an event occurs “at the edge”, SL1 delivers better problem management data to Ops & DevOps teams.


With real-time, accurate data, you can solve problems faster and avoid incidents through proactive automated remediation.

Together, ScienceLogic and ServiceNow allow you to deliver great customer experiences.


ServiceNow CMDB and incident automation

  • ScienceLogic is ServiceNow Certified
  • ScienceLogic is ServiceNow Certified
  • ServiceNow is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner
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