SL1 is coming on May 1st

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Enterprises have embarked on building digital experience platforms.  Developers are prized for creating these experiences.  Yet, little has been said about those who build resilient digital experiences.  After all, what good is a digital platform if unable to consistently delight the customer? This, of course, is the domain of the Operations team or the “O” in DevOps.


Coming May 1st…

ScienceLogic will announce a major advancement towards AIOps functionality to help customers See, Contextualize and Act upon their operational data like never before!

We’ll be honoring the men and women who put the Big O in DevOps by helping them gain actionable insights that keep Ops running at the pace of Dev.

We’ll solve the conundrum that 71% of enterprises across the globe suffer, where they collect more data but yet have less meaning.

We’ll address the CIO’s desire to have real-time insights into business services supporting mission-critical applications residing in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We’ll address every CEO’s desire to have his digital experience platform move at machine speed, not human speed.

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Listen to DEJ Founder and Analyst Bojan Simic outline successful strategies of high performing enterprises.  He’s joined by Russ Elsner of ScienceLogic.

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