Fluke Networks

See Technical Notes for brief instructions

This PowerPack is designed as an integration between EM7 and Fluke TruViewCentral and it’s TruViewFlow based collection appliances.

Fluke Configuration details are pulled from the TVC and then those details are configured as needed on the appropriate routers and switches in the form of custom attributes.  This is done via Run Book Action.  (The policy and action do not require modification.)

The Custom attributes are then used as variables in URLs in both Dashboards and device dashboards to contextually bring Fluke visualizations into the EM7 UI in a seamless manner providing a single user interface and experience.

Configuration Details:

1) Credentials: Make a copy of the “Truview – Template” Credential and update the URL IP/DNS as well as fill in your HTTP Auth User/HTTP Auth Password and Domain information

2) Manually Align the TruView:Configuration Data to your discovered TVC appliance (pingable or snmp is ok)

3) Widgets: On the two Dashboards and one Device Dashboard in this powerpack, contextual Iframe widgets are used.  In these widgets the IP/DNS name at the beginning of the URL needs to be replaced with the IP/DNS name of your TVC appliance.

e.g. https://your.dnsname.com/Portal

4) Device Group: The “NetFlow Devices” group automatically populates once the Fluke Custom attributes have been aligned to the NetFlow devices.

5) Event Policies: The event polices are used to trigger the runbook action via the automation.

6) Tag each interface with Flow data in order to filter down the Top-N widget on the provided dashboard to only list interfaces tagged for Flows

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