Provides support for Pexip video MCU

Installation Instructions
1) Setup and enable SNMP on the Pexip management nodes and conferencing nodes. (Note the community string used and if not ‘public’ ensure that you have created an SNMP credential on EM7 with the SNMP credentials for the conferencing node and management nodes.
2) Create a discovery object that includes all your conferencing nodes and all your management nodes, using the proper SNMP credentials
3) Create a credential(s) for you Pexip management nodes. Edit the included Pexip – sample credential with the credential for your management nodes, use the save as button to create a copy for each Pexip management node that has a unique credential.
4) Manually align all the Pexip apps to the management node (as follows):
a) wrench on the Pexip management node
b) select the collections tab
c) select action and from the action pop up window select “add dynamic application”
d) type Pexip in the window  and select the first app
e) select the credential your created in 3
f) continue c through e for all 7 Pexip dynamic applications

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