Amazon Web Services

AWS Windows EC2 instance automation example.

Shows how EM7 can be configured to automatically:

  • Create an EC2 instance device when an instance is spun up in AWS
  • Discover the instance using PowerShell, based on an AWS tag used to identify the PowerShell credential to be used
  • Merge the EC2 device with the PowerShell discovered device and set to the correct Windows device class
  • Create a new dynamic device group, again based on a tag from AWS
  • Finally, terminate the device in AWS and clean up the environment in EM7

Contains a set of Run-Book Actions, corresponding Automations, and an associated event and dynamic application.

PowerPack to automate common tasks when using Amazon Web Services EC2 Windows instances in an auto-scale group
This example was used in the October 2014 ScienceLogic Customer Symposium.

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