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Monitoring NetApp Storage

Growing storage needs are nothing new in IT, and many organizations look to NetApp as a key element of a multi-vendor storage strategy. Mixing multiple storage platforms can lead to a management nightmare with operations teams wasting time and jumping from screen to screen to monitor different management applications. ScienceLogic’s Hybrid IT Infrastructure Management not only monitors NetApp systems, it also provides deep coverage across a broad range of other storage vendors. Further, the platform discovers and monitors all other areas of the IT stack (power, network, servers, applications, and public cloud), ensuring you have complete visibility of your infrastructure. Saving time, money, and giving you the truest view of your entire customer storage platform.

ScienceLogic Benefits NetApp

  • Automatically discover and apply the right monitoring policy to your entire NetApp infrastructure
  • Detect the dependencies between your NetApp elements and the rest of your environment, dramatically reducing the time needed for root cause analysis.
  • Provide insights into the value the services your NetApp infrastructure supports through powerful executive-level dashboards.
  • Keep your storage monitoring for NetApp current — with updated dashboards, eventing, monitoring templates, and alerting policies — by downloading our latest NetApp PowerPacks.


The ScienceLogic SL1 Platform

Get full visibility and automated operations across cloud and distributed architectures.