Complete Monitoring for SAP Ensure Performance • Automate Actions

SAP sits at the heart of many enterprises today. Downtime of SAP systems can be crippling, and performance issues result in a real impact on the bottom line. ScienceLogic’s powerful monitoring for SAP systems and their supporting infrastructure, gives you the ability to ensure performance of your SAP system.

ScienceLogic ensures the performance of your SAP systems

ScienceLogic SAP system summary
Pull back powerful trending and performance data on SAP systems such as queued spool requests, active users, and major and minor system alerts. Ensure your SAP system operates flawlessly.

Ensure SAP Availability & Performance

Our platform automatically discovers and applies the right best practice-based monitoring policies to SAP systems and their supporting infrastructure. With ScienceLogic, should your SAP system or its supporting infrastructure begin to have issues, your team is notified immediately.

Save Time

Beyond simply monitoring your SAP system and infrastructure our platform allows for a number of powerful automations. These automations give you the ability to remove routine tasks and fixes from your staff’s responsibility—freeing them to focus on higher value activities. Further, by automatically taking action based upon specific events, our platform dramatically reduces your MTTR.

ScienceLogic SAP instance summary
Go beyond viewing information on SAP systems and drill into the details for specific SAP application servers to see key performance and trending information.

ScienceLogic monitors SAP in your on-premises data center or in the public cloud

Deploy SAP On-Prem or in the Public Cloud—We Support Both

ScienceLogic provides your organization the ability to support SAP wherever it resides. We support the monitoring of all available deployment models and pull metrics from ABAP instances and Java instances, as well as SAP HANA. Further with ScienceLogic’s unparalleled coverage for public cloud (in this case, AWS) and on-premises (power, network, storage, servers, and applications) you can be assured of in-depth monitoring for SAP and the underlying infrastructure regardless of where it is deployed.