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Evolution To AIOps - Forrester Insights on the Intelligent Apps & Service Monitoring Space


About this webinar

As IT complexity accelerates, I&O teams struggle to keep up with the pace of change while continuing to support the needs of the business. IT operations, ITSM, and DevOps leaders increasingly need advanced monitoring approaches that can provide intelligent automation to keep up. But intelligent automation requires clean, structured data that reflects complete business services—infrastructure and applications running across the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures.

Watch Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals, and Russ Elsner, Senior Director of Application Strategy with ScienceLogic as they explore the rapidly evolving world of IT Operations Management towards intelligent, automated operations—what some call AIOps. They discuss:

    • What’s driving IT transformation towards more intelligent, automated operations
    • What new approaches and technologies are emerging that enable organizations to deliver resilient customer experiences through ML-assisted automation
    • How the combination of analytics, topology, and automation are key to AIOpsHow to get started today
    • How to get started today

Watch this webinar recording to learn which modern solutions are right for your environment and how you can leverage them to diagnose, predict, and assess business impact so you can prevent disruptions while optimizing cost and performance.

58 mins

Presented With: Russ Elsner, Senior Director of Application Strategy, ScienceLogic and Guest Speaker Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst