TDC NetDesign

Customer Story

NetDesign needed a new infrastructure management solution to best serve their clients and prepare for future needs. They chose ScienceLogic because our solution was easy to use, fast to implement, and delivered on the ability to see, contextualize, and act on data like never before.

See – Actionable Insights

Daniel Oddershede, a System Management Engineer at NetDesign, explains how ScienceLogic helps you discover your network data in real-time. “Right away, I was able to extract performance and monitoring data from one of our networks—with a single tool. I could discover and see different devices and device types.”


Contextualize – Understand Your Data

NetDesign and their customers can clearly see where issues lie and how they’re resolved with the level of transparency provided by ScienceLogic. “We’ve worked with ScienceLogic’s Professional Services team to develop specialized reports that help us better serve our clients,” said Daniel.


Act – Integrate and Automate

ScienceLogic also helped improve NetDesign’s internal operations by integrating with their ticket tracking system. As Daniel points out, “We have around a thousand tickets open at any given time. [ScienceLogic] syncs via API to ServiceNow, our new cloud-based system. The process takes seconds, while other solutions may take a few minutes. The time difference may seem like nothing, but a 3-minute wait 1,000 times adds up to 50 hours.”

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Results – Time and Resource Savings

NetDesign now serves 300 users and monitors 12,000 devices for 100 customers. They’ve also halved the number of employees in their network monitoring department.