Opus Interactive

Case Study

Managed Services Provider Leverages ScienceLogic Secret Sauce to Win New Business in the Cloud

Executive Summary

When Opus Interactive first assessed the ScienceLogic product, their business needs were not being met by their existing monitoring and management toolset. Opus, a growing managed services provider (MSP), had acquired a hodgepodge of disparate tools due to the need to move quickly maintain competitive margins. But, with these existing toolsets, solving problems, maintaining adequate service levels, and working on strategic projects had become difficult and time-consuming. The next stage for Opus Interactive required a consolidated MSP monitoring solution that would free up valuable engineering time for developing and implementing new and differentiated solutions to help the the business grow as rapidly as possible. In ScienceLogic, Opus Interactive found that solution.

The Challenge – Transform from MSP to Cloud Provider

  • Quickly enable new efficient, scalable cloud offerings
  • Create value-added services around cloud offerings for a winning value proposition

The Solution – ScienceLogic

  • Consolidated MSP and cloud monitoring operations
  • Rapidly deliver differentiated cloud offerings that open up new revenue streams, help win business and on-board new customers faster

The Results – Operational Efficiency and Winning in the Cloud

  • 70% IT consolidation using virtualization and ScienceLogic management
  • 85% of revenue today comes from cloud offerings

The Challenge

With their operations humming, Opus Interactive engineers spent their time tackling the opportunity presented by cloud computing. The company needed a path forward that would turn the cloud from a competitive threat into a driver for future revenue growth.

As one of the first VMware Service Provider Partners, Opus Interactive has long had a reputation for using leading-edge technologies to create innovative, differentiated service offerings for their customers. They believed that this formula for success still held true for the cloud.

Since competitors like Amazon and Google could leverage huge economies of scale to drive down price, this was never an area where Opus Interactive wanted to compete. They needed to find the right technology partners to help them create value-added cloud offerings that would make them stand out from the crowd and drive new cloud business, and as always, they needed to move as quickly as possible.

The Solution

Opus Interactive has been using the ScienceLogic service provider operations platform for years. They were happy to realize that they could still rely on ScienceLogic as it filled a critical management role in the modular, flexible, and cost-effective cloud technology platform they needed to build out to move quickly from being a traditional service provider to a cloud provider and create new revenue streams via offerings for public and private clouds.

ScienceLogic Highlights for Opus Interactive

Single Management Platform for Service and Cloud Provider Operations

Opus Interactive engineers already knew the benefits of relying on ScienceLogic—easy-to-use, comprehensive infrastructure management in a single tool, powerful customization features—so extending it to cover cloud operations not only made business sense, it also helped make the task of managing cloud services seem less daunting. Originally, they had selected ScienceLogic to get away from the complexity and pain of having too many tools, and the sudden frenzy of cloud tools vendors was already pointing down that path again.

Build Trust via Transparency with an Opus Interactie-Branded Customer Portal

To promote transparency and accountability in the cloud, the Opus Interactive portal provided by ScienceLogic shows customer-specific SLA reporting using the multi-tenancy features built from the ground up in ScienceLogic. In addition, customers are able to access the same ticketing system that Opus Interactive engineers use to create and check status on tickets.

Modular, Adaptive and Cost-Effective Cloud Service Delivery Platform

To offer a mix of public, (virtual) private, and hybrid cloud solutions, Opus Interactive need management tools that were flexible enough to handle their customer needs today and whatever the cloud would bring tomorrow. ScienceLogic provides a robust set of monitoring and management features out-of-the-box, and is easily extended to manage new technologies—including multi-hypervisor support for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenVZ—and integrate with third-party systems, portals and tools.

Managed Services and Advanced Monitoring for Upsell Opportunity on-Demand

The combination of proactive monitoring with customizable thresholds and notifications allows Opus Interactive to automatically generate upsell opportunities for customers. When a customer is close to a pre-defined threshold for bandwidth usage, for example, ScienceLogic generates an alert which is used to offer customers the ability to increase their level of bandwidth usage on-demand.

Holistic Cloud Offerings That Beat the Competition

Differentiation is always important for service providers; for years Opus Interactive has used ScienceLogic to offer value-added services and features that enhance the customer experience and sets them apart from the crowd. Differentiation is even more important when it comes to cloud computing where IT is bought and sold as a commodity. For Opus Interactive, the way to stand out is clear—use ScienceLogic to provide holistic cloud offerings that wrap advanced management offerings and enhanced customer experience with IaaS and virtual private cloud offerings.

“ScienceLogic is perfect for our customers,” says Jeremy Sherwood, Vice President of Sales & Operations for Opus Interactive. “The monitoring caters to all levels, whether you’re talking about a small mom and pop shop or a technologically savvy large enterprise. The breadth of monitoring provided by ScienceLogic means that anyone can be satisfied. Other products contain similar elements, but don’t offer all of the same functionality in one tool that is both completely transparent and superbly presented. We can simply move faster with ScienceLogic.”

The Results

Opus Interactive was able to use the ScienceLogic solution to extend from a service provider platform to a cloud services provider platform, and the results have been outstanding. With its commitment to virtualization and integrated monitoring, Opus Interactive has reduced IT sprawl by 70% resulting in a leaner, more efficient and agile environment from which to rapidly launch new cloud services. Today, 85% of Opus Interactive revenue comes from cloud services.

As its customer base continues to grow—in particular with the virtualization and cloud offerings that are now available, Opus Interactive will continue to use ScienceLogic for upsell opportunities. Every virtual private cloud customer has ScienceLogic monitoring included—a value-add that has enabled Opus Interactive to win an estimated 75% more business in the cloud space by clearly standing out from the competition.

The ScienceLogic platform enables Opus Interactive to provide customers with a level of visibility and exposure that is unparalleled, with critical transparency between cloud provider and customer; customers can see what Opus Interactive engineers are doing to solve problems in real time and see for themselves at any time how the cloud services are performing against customer SLAs. This sets Opus Interactive and ScienceLogic apart from the competition who simply do not provide that level of infrastructure services and the same level of monitoring in the cloud as a package deal.

“ScienceLogic is our secret sauce when it comes to winning new business,” said Sherwood. “The number one question we get around our cloud offerings is, ‘How are you different from everyone else?’ The answer is that we have ScienceLogic and they don’t. ScienceLogic provides a level of monitoring and a user interface that is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The interface is simple, clear and visually appealing. Our customers love what they are able to see because ScienceLogic takes away the ‘mystery of the cloud’. They can easily see for themselves that they get exactly what they are paying for.”

Looking Forward

ScienceLogic helped Opus Interactive get into the cloud space early and succeed there. The service provider rapidly evolved its services the right way—building a foundation of automation and simplified IT management that now gives them more time to spend on the next set of value-added services they need to offer to stay competitive.

For Opus Interactive, one important path forward is via automation. As a VMware Service Provider Partner, they are able to better manage VMware licenses against the on-demand requirements of their customers. But provisioning new virtual machines is only part of the process for setting up new customers. Using the ScienceLogic Integration Server, Opus Interactive will be able to automate a new customer order—from self-service portal to monitoring setup in ScienceLogic to usage-based billing. In the cloud, speed is king, and automating the complete provisioning process, triggered by the customer itself, is truly a way to stand out.

Sherwood concludes, “The ability to monitor the cloud and extend automation easily highlights how ScienceLogic is ahead of important industry trends. No matter where we are headed, we trust that ScienceLogic truly understands our business and is our long-term technology partner for getting there faster.”