Trends in Next Generation Data Center Technologies

Webinar Recording

Competition pressures your business from every angle. To remain relevant, IT must balance innovation with cost reduction.

How can CIOs leverage emerging data center technologies to deliver the agility and velocity that delights customers?

Forrester Research

In this recording, Forrester Analyst Robert Stroud shares his research and insights on industry trends. This presentation will give IT Professionals the information they need to get ahead of the curve:

  • The future of data center technologies, including hyperconvergence, SDN, and hybrid cloud
  • The promise and reality of the software-defined data center
  • How to make smart decisions about workload migrations
  • Importance of visibility across the lifecycle of IT services
  • Recommendations on where to start

ScienceLogic also demonstrates how their hybrid IT monitoring platform provides complete visibility of next generation data center technologies.

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