The 4 Stages of Network Connectivity Loss

1. Realization

A webpage is taking unusually long to load. Suspicious of this lag time, you click to another tab and refresh that webpage only to find it is also not loading.

And then it happens—the browser’s error message pops up. Could the network really be down?


2. Confirmation

While continuing to refresh webpages, you hear the foot traffic outside of your cube increasing. Co-workers you haven’t seen in a while are all gathered in the common area reliving their final moments of network connectivity.

It’s not just your computer. The network really is down.


3. Panic

After confirming with various others that there is no network connectivity, you feel panic start to rise. You half-heartedly attempt to get on another Wi-Fi network within range of your laptop.

What about your inbox? Your conference call that starts in 15 minutes? That hilarious reaction .gif you were downloading?

Back at your desk, you continue to rapidly refresh all 30 tabs open in your browser. Over and over, until finally one page starts to load.


4. Relief

Still traumatized from the initial loss of connectivity, you continue to refresh each tab at a furious pace. Could it be real? The network is back after such little down time?

Additional refreshing confirms the truth—the network is up again!

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