Monitoring Microsoft Azure Maximize Azure Cloud Availability and Performance


Maximize Azure Cloud Availability and Performance

IT organizations are being asked to enable innovation while at the same time limiting risk—not an easy task. One answer to this dilemma is to use public cloud services for the more innovative and risky projects and, as more organizations turn to the public cloud, Microsoft Azure has emerged as one of the clear leaders.

Yet, the majority of organizations don’t have all of their workloads in a public cloud, let alone Microsoft Azure. In fact, they typically only have a subset of applications and services delivered out of public cloud environments. This leaves many with a management nightmare: trying to deliver and manage services that rely on a multitude of technologies, from a multitude of sources (onsite and public cloud), with a multitude of tools that provide limited visibility. What’s an IT department to do?

Simple. Use a hybrid IT monitoring platform, that doesn’t just monitor Microsoft Azure or a subset of on-prem technologies, but monitors all of your technologies on-prem and off-prem. It must include built-in best practice monitoring policies and be easy enough for even a junior MCSE to use out-of-the-box—while at the same time provide enough granular detail and dependency mapping to drive root cause analysis.

Key Functionality

  • Complete discovery and monitoring coverage for Microsoft Azure and across the entire IT stack. Ensure the availability and performance of your IT services wherever they reside.
  • Start monitoring your Microsoft Azure immediately, using best practice monitoring policies established by Microsoft, ensuring you monitor the right metrics for the right service and generate smart alerts.
  • Automatic dependency mapping across your IT elements running in Microsoft Azure, ensuring quick problem diagnosis and remediation

Save Time – Monitor The Metrics That Matter

We followed the best practice guidelines Microsoft established for monitoring Azure when we built our Azure monitoring ability. Ready to go out-of-the-box, our built-in monitoring will automatically discover and apply the right monitoring policy to the service instances in your Microsoft Azure environment.

Simplify IT Management – Monitor Your Entire IT Stack (On-Prem and Off-Prem)

Few organizations are running their entire infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. Most are also running an onsite infrastructure comprised of a mix of hypervisors, storage, operating systems, network gear, and applications all running on hardware from different vendors. Because we monitor the entire infrastructure stack, including network, compute, storage, application, and external cloud, we give you a complete, holistic view without requiring IT staff to
jump between different management consoles.

Save Money and Improve Performance – Place the Right Workload in the Right Environment

ScienceLogic monitors multi-cloud environments—including AWS, SoftLayer and vCloud Air as well as Azure—normalizing metrics from each and displaying the results in easy-to-use dashboards, providing a side-by-side comparison of performance in each environment.

Built-in Dependency Mapping for Rapid Root Cause Analysis

Beyond automatically discovering and monitoring your Azure-based assets, the ScienceLogic platform automatically detects and maps the dependencies between your Azure virtual machines and the storage and virtual networks they are using. Built-in mapping shows a real-time, actionable, and visual image of the dependencies. Should a service performance issue arise IT staff can quickly spot the true culprit and fix underlying issues before end users notice a degradation in service.

Automatically discover and map your Azure-based infrastructure, including mapping the dependencies between Azure elements.