MCR Achieves 92% Customer Satisfaction Rating With Integrated Monitoring & Ticketing

Case Study

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MCR Achieves 92% Customer Satisfaction Rating With Integrated Monitoring & Ticketing
Time-Sensitive Alerts With ScienceLogic’s Automation Engine Target Critical Services Against SLA Goals

MCR, a managed service provider in Australia, focuses on translating technology into optimal business outcomes by using ScienceLogic to provide customized monitoring levels, dashboards, and reports for their customers.


  • Customers wanted visibility and access to monitoring tools as a service (i.e. without the overhead of hardware, database, or licensing)
  • Required multiple vendor support with an open developer platform to keep up with changing customer needs

ScienceLogic Solution

  • Pre-packaged management PowerPacks deliver fast ROI for a wide range of vendors and technologies)
  • Ease of extending for new and non-standard devices enables MCR to expand their services offerings and deliver better visibility to their clients
  • By integrating SL1 with their financial system / central DB, MCR can track and manage true cost of service


  • Doubled their managed service clients in 18 months with proactive approach
  • ScienceLogic’s predictable license model provides a better business model, with reduced investment risk
  • 30% improvement in proactive remediation activities led to dramaticreductions in service outages

Business Challenge

Q: How do you clearly see every system you have, where they’re running, and if they’re working correctly? Let’s be honest, it’s not so easy to take an inventory of assets in today’s complex IT ecosystem. And to complicate that even more—how do you easily support the latest technology dujour?

A: According to Sam Vakili, Chief Executive Officer of MCR, “When investing in a comprehensive monitoring solution, one of the most common requests from our customers was adding and viewing new systems in our platform. We are continually updating and expanding – whether it’s adding a new storage array, virtualizing their network, or tinkering with containers. They were constantly
asking us to support something new and different. We needed a platform with multi-vendor support capabilities and an open developer platform (python scripting, snippet creation) so our engineers and developers can keep pace with customer demands and provide clear value-added benefits.”

The new MCR solution needed to provide actionable insights across any technology, any vendor, anywhere.

Why ScienceLogic?

MCR is confident that ScienceLogic will continue to deliver what their clients need: a businessimpacting view of an ever-changing IT ecosystem.

Proactive Management Prevents Downtime​
MCR developed time-sensitive alerting models using ScienceLogic’s automation engine to target high-value systems and IT infrastructure against SLA goals. Early warning risk analysis helps MCR perform health checks well ahead of critical alert issues. The service team now investigates emerging trends 30% faster – and takes appropriate actions before actual device failure occurs.

Business Impacting View of a Dynamic IT Environment

The combination of pre-packaged ScienceLogic PowerPacks that monitor multiple vendors/technologies, and the ability to easily customize PowerPacks to monitor non-standard devices, increases MCR’s value to customers. MCR customers now have granular level management and IT reporting capabilities using ScienceLogic’s discovery and monitoring functions.
Sam Vakili explains, “Our customers use different environments such as AWS, HyperV, and Azure, which at times are present in one domain. ScienceLogic’s capability to monitor cross multiple layers and technology environments allows us to continue exceeding customer expectations.“

Integrated Monitoring/Cost Analysis

The Service Desk Team and engineers now have instant visibility into the network, device, or system at risk. MCR manages and tracks the true cost of service across all
managed customer assets by connecting ScienceLogic with their financial system and central database.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this case study is provided for illustrative purposes. A company’s experience may vary based on individual circumstances. There can be no assurance that every company will achieve similar results in comparable situations.

“Our 92% customer satisfaction rating is in part due to the strength of our
monitoring and service desk capabilities which are backboned by ScienceLogic.
Leveraging IT risk dashboards across our managed service desk and NOC team provides clearly
eferenceable data on complex environments that need closer attention.”

Sam Vakili, Chief Executive Officer, MCR

ScienceLogic provides actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. The platform sees everything across cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this
insight through integrations and automations.