Major Government Consulting Firm

Case Study

ScienceLogic Displaces Tools from Three of the “Big Four” Frameworks, Saves $200K Per Year

Executive Summary

This large consulting firm is a global leader in strategy and technology consulting, helping government agencies, institutions, and infrastructure organizations achieve success in their most critical missions. The firm has more than 22,000 employees around the world who provide a wide range of services in strategy, operations, organization and change, information technology, systems engineering, and program management.

The Challenge – Consolidate & Standardize

  • Overlapping tools
  • Underutilized functionality
  • Inconsistent reporting on network performance and availability
  • Paying too much maintenance fees

The Solution – ScienceLogic

  • A single, integrated management system for networks, servers, applications, and virtual infrastructure
  • “Single-source-of-truth” accuracy for operations and management reports
  • “Single-pane-of-glass” view across entire network infrastructure

The Results

  • Saves $200K per year in maintenance costs alone by displacing multiple tools from IBM Tivoli/Netcool, BMC, and CA eHealth
  • New ScienceLogic install paid for itself out of operating budget with money to spare
  • IT Operations Group has become a trusted source for product recommendations and capacity planning

The Challenge

With employees located in every time zone around the world, this firm’s extensive network must provide 24×7 access to email, applications, and a considerable knowledge base. The enterprise IT operations team is responsible for this global network of about 1,500 devices, including 650 servers, network gear, and 28 Oracle databases. Local operations teams support individual infrastructure components and purchase and deploy tools to support them.

Like many large organizations serving multiple locations, tools proliferation became a problem, with more than 30 different monitoring tools being used. Tools often addressed one-off needs, resulting in significant overlap in functionality and without the resources and attention required to make the most of these investments. Often, less than 20 percent of the tools’ capabilities were used. On top of initial investment costs, there were expenditures for ongoing maintenance and licensing. With no corporate coordination or standardization, it was difficult to gauge and monitor overall network and system performance. With data coming from disparate systems in differing formats, IT operations struggled to collect, interpret, and normalize data for reporting.

“There were just too many overlapping tools pulling data in different ways,” said the IT Operations Manager. “We couldn’t get a true or consistent picture of performance and availability across the whole network which is essential to supporting our core business. Our employees, wherever they are, require instant access to the applications and information they need to perform their jobs.”

The firm needed to tackle the issue of tools proliferation, reassess purchasing policies, and increase efficiency to drive value across the organization. With large maintenance renewals coming up for several tools that had been in place for a number of years, it was an ideal timeto re-evaluate their needs and look for new and innovative solutions to prepare their network for emerging technologies.

The Solution

The government consulting firm selected ScienceLogic to displace IBM Tivoli/Netcool (formerly Micromuse) and CA eHealth (formerly Concord Communications) with a single solution that centralizes monitoring for its business critical systems and applications across a global heterogeneous network. ScienceLogic provides a single data repository and an integrated suite of management applications including:

  • Network management
  • Application monitoring
  • Service desk service level management
  • Virtualization management
  • Capacity management
  • System management
  • Asset management
  • Fault management

“The ScienceLogic system provides us a single view across my existing and future infrastructure and serves as the single source of truth for all operational data,” said the IT Operations Manager. “Out of the box, this comprehensive management platform covers the critical 80% of what I need it to do. It automatically identifies every device and tool deployed on the network, regardless of manufacturer, model, or location and establishes a baseline for monitoring using best practices. With the efficiencies I gained through consolidating numerous tools, I now have time to customize the remaining 20 percent of the solution to address exceptions as they arise.”

With more than 13 years of experience implementing network management tools, the IT Operations Manager was impressed with ScienceLogic’s comprehensive solution. In one appliance-based solution, ScienceLogic provides:

  • Integrated and synchronized fault and performance information
  • Integrated asset and configuration information
  • Integrated dashboard capabilities
  • Integrated ticketing that can tie into their existing Vantive deployment
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities

“I continually research the latest technologies and at first it was hard to believe that ScienceLogic could do all that it claims — and do it well,” he said. “But I know from first-hand experience that the ScienceLogic solution has more functionality out-of-the-box than we were getting from our previous solutions. ScienceLogic provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution I’ve found, and it has been the catalyst for refreshing our monitoring landscape.”

As the single source of truth for network data, ScienceLogic’s centralized data repository eliminates the data silos that once existed and provides consistent data that helps management confidently make recommendations and decisions.

“ScienceLogic’s custom views and dashboards aggregate data and present targeted information that allow me to deliver reports for customers and management, something we couldn’t do before with multiple systems,” continued the IT Operations Manager. “With the intelligence we now have through ScienceLogic, our team has become a trusted source for everything from product recommendations to capacity planning.”

The Results

Return on investment was immediate, with cumulative three-year savings totaling nearly a half-million dollars. Purchasing the new ScienceLogic solution cost less than just renewing maintenance for the disparate tools in place. ScienceLogic’s low maintenance cost saves the firm more than $200,000 per year when compared to ongoing maintenance for their old tools. From the beginning, the ScienceLogic solution has been fully self-funded through operating budget and required no additional capital expenditure requests and approvals.

The savings are even more dramatic if you look at the “apples-to-apples” comparison at list price for new systems purchase; seven ScienceLogic solutions could be purchased for the price of one unintegrated set of monitoring tools.

In addition to the fully integrated functionality of the ScienceLogic solution, the IT Operations Manager finds considerable value in partnering with ScienceLogic.

“You can’t really put a price on having a technology vendor that is also a partner. We’ve had some disappointing experiences with other vendors who were acquired — from lack of support and responsiveness to licensing nightmares. When I call ScienceLogic, I speak to representatives who know me, know my company, and are ready to help resolve any issues that arise,” he continued. “ScienceLogic welcomes our suggestions and works with us on features to enhance ScienceLogic and make the solution even better for all users.”

Looking Forward

Since deploying ScienceLogic, the firm has taken full advantage of ScienceLogic’s pricing model that allows unlimited users of the system. To accommodate growth and provide a secondary remote disaster recovery location for their monitoring, they recently purchased an extensible, disaster recovery-ready solution. This redundant monitoring captures operational data up to the minute of service interruption for rapid recovery and minimal business impact.

“Before ScienceLogic, a remote recovery solution was such an expensive undertaking, that while we recognized the need, we could not justify the cost of duplicating the entire monitoring system, hardware, operating systems, software licenses, etc.,” the IT Operations Manager said. “But the ScienceLogic architecture allows us to expand our system and add the protection we need at a fraction of the cost, and with a lot less pain and hassle than we faced with our old tools.”