Navigate Exponential Times with ScienceLogic


The world 10 years ago was drastically different from today. First of all, you never had the ability to download a movie, and owning an HDTV was rare. Your mobile phone was just that, a phone. Sending a tweet from your phone or checking Facebook while on the go, was not even a thought in your mind. There was no Facebook, there was no Twitter, and smart phones were a thing of the “future.”

Now, the computer in your mobile phone is one million times cheaper, one thousand times more powerful and one hundred thousand times smaller than the one computer at MIT in 1965. That computer could barely fit in one building, and now all of that technology can fit in your phone. What fits in your phone, will eventually fit into one blood cell.

We live in exponential times, with every baby that is born—four mobile devices are activated. This year, we have generated more data than we have in the past five thousand years combined. As we continue to grow, generate more information, we require next generation IT monitoring. ScienceLogic helps fifteen thousand organizations navigate through exponential times. See how we can help you get ready.