Monitoring EMC VNX Storage Systems


The EMC VNX storage system is a market leader in mid-range storage solutions for the enterprise. It includes both file and block storage options to support both SAN and NAS. Enterprise customers and managed service providers who manage large storage systems can use the ScienceLogic PowerPack for EMX VNX to improve their overall storage system performance and availability. The PowerPack delivers out-of-the-box monitoring templates, event definitions, and dashboards that save considerable time and effort in establishing a broad monitoring capability across their EMC VNX storage infrastructure.

ScienceLogic EMC VNX PowerPack Monitoring Capabilities

By monitoring their EMC VNX storage systems with
ScienceLogic, customers can achieve:

  • Automatic discovery of EMC VNX devices and subsystems
  • Significantly improved visibility leading to reduced MTTR for VNX-related problems
  • Early warning of potential problems from system and subsystem events
  • Real-time dashboard views of VNX storage system availability, performance and capacity
  • Live component mapping showing complete storage system topology and health
  • Ability to forecast storage utilization trends to identify potential future capacity bottlenecks

Deep Visibility into Over 200 Key Metrics

Configuration Number of component devices; Storage Processor model and OE revision; LUNs/Volumes per Storage Pool; LUN Name, Size, ID, Owning Processor, Status & WWN
Array Performance Read & Write IOPs; Read & Write MB/s; Total & Free Capacity
Storage Processor Performance Processor Utilization; Read & Write IOPs; Read & Write MB/x; Interface Port IOPs and MB/s
Storage Pool & RAID Group Performance Total, Free & Used Capacity
LUN Performance Read & Write IOPs; Read & Write MB/s; Utilization %; Service Time

Multi-user Dashboards

Provide multiple views to different stakeholders based on their role within the organization.

EMC VNX dashboard
Pre-built real-time Dashboards make complex metrics visible
EMC VNX topology
Real-time Topology Map shows EMC VNX Arrays, Controllers, Storage Pools and LUNs