IT Operations (ITOps) & IT Service Management (ITOSM)

Accelerate and Optimize with CMDB & Incident Automation Datasheet

The IT Challenge: It’s Impossible to Automate with Inaccurate Data

Modern cloud and software-defined technologies are radically altering the way companies do business. Services built with these technologies change by the second and it’s impossible to keep pace using traditional approaches. That’s why IT is looking for a solution that will allow them to discover everything they have—in real-time.

Without accurate data, IT lacks a complete view of the infrastructure. You don’t know what you have, if it’s working or needs to be fixed, or whether it is (or isn’t) in use. It’s also impossible to automate IT processes—event, incident, configuration, change, among others—and enable the business to move faster. Success begins with accurate data.

The Power of ScienceLogic

By integrating the ScienceLogic platform with common IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, like ServiceNow and BMC Remedy, you can drive revenue and efficiencies with data-driven automation. You can plug in any technology —old and new, continuously collect, learn, relate, and synchronize data in real-time, and reduce time spent on routine, manual activities. All through one, unified platform.

Key Benefits

  • Get full infrastructure visibility—know what you have, which are underused, or not in use at all
  • Keep your CMDB accurate
  • Standardize and automate more ITOSM processes; drastically reduce time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Speed up MTTR
  • Minimize risk of expired Service and Operational Level Agreements (SLA/OLA)

Most businesses make 10,000 changes annually to their IT environment; just imagine trying to track that many changes one by one!

Source: Gartner

Automated CMDB Management

Automatically discover, populate, reconcile, and maintain an inventory of asset configurations and relationship data in your CMDB.

  • Choose the “authoritative source” (aka “source of truth”) for populating—and maintaining—your CMDB
  • Track all your assets, from the traditional infrastructure to modern virtual, cloud, and hyper-dynamic resources like Cisco ACI, VMware VMs, Azure or Amazon cloud instances, Docker containers, microservices, and more
  • Automatically discover resources (U.S. Patent 9,077,611 B2, “Self-Configuring Network Management System”) without user intervention or action
  • Keep your CMDB accurate and up-to-date—within minutes versus days or weeks—by continuously synchronizing your CMDB with near real-time information about your monitored environment

Configuration, Change, & Compliance Management

Automatically resolve or flag mismatches and inconsistencies detected in the CMDB for accurate change management and compliance reporting

An estimated 85% of organizations who attempt to build a CMDB fail due to incomplete, stale, and inconsistent data

Source: Gartner

Automated Incident Management

Streamline, enrich, and automate the process of creating and managing incidents, as well as notifying the right teams.

  • Avoid delays and errors from manual incident creation and management
  • Avoid a flood of false incidents with built-in event correlation and management
  • Enrich incidents with the right information (impact and urgency levels, configuration, performance, and diagnostic data necessary for troubleshooting) to minimize time spent working on non-issues
  • Automatically tie incidents to the correct CIs
  • Automatically route incidents to the right team(s) for resolution
  • Significantly reduce integration points with your Service Desk tools

On average, 50% of the actions people are paid to do can be automated

Source: McKinsey & Company

Automated Event Management

Stop looking for a needle in a haystack when issues occur.

  • Avoid a flood of false events—or incidents—with builtin event correlation and management
  • Escalate and alert on critical events to ensure rapid problem resolution and consistent service performance
  • Make sure the right people receive the right alerts at the right time
  • Significantly reduce integration points with your Service Desk tools

Automate More of Your ITOSM Processes

See how ScienceLogic has integrated with ITSM tools to deliver real business value for enterprise and service provider organizations.

Food Manufacturer

A multinational food manufacturer cleaned up their CMDB and automated incident creation and management, now resolve four times as many incidents per month, meet SLAs no matter where services are delivered, and achieve over $2.5M in productivity savings

Sportswear Company

A fortune 100 global sportswear company reduced events by 50% and incidents by 30%, as well as deliver enterprise-wide service visibility for critical product launches to all stakeholders


CDW Corporation, a global technology service provider maintain an accurate CMDB by synchronizing configuration and relationship data every 15 minutes from ScienceLogic; automatically align CIs, create and update incidents, set severities, and properly route tickets to the right team; achieving faster issue resolution and $460K+ annual savings


Cincinnati Bell Technology Services (CBTS), A U.S. technology service provider automatically update their CMDB from their ScienceLogic-monitored environment, providing accurate and up-to-date configuration details needed to properly manage their assets and enforce configuration and change management processes, achieving dramatic improvements in incident resolution and MTTR, increasing SLA compliance from 59% to 94%

It’s impossible to automate with inaccurate data. With ScienceLogic, you can keep your CMDB up-to-date and automate more IT processes.