Migrating to the Cloud: Workload Discovery with ScienceLogic


Public cloud adoption is accelerating. As a result, enterprises are looking for ways to fast-track their own cloud adoption in order to benefit from the promised flexibility and cost savings of public cloud services—such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and VMware vCloud Air. Many enterprises lack the tools and independent visibility into existing on-premises workloads to determine which are candidates for migration—and which should stay where they are.

With ScienceLogic the solution is simple. Our platform uses patented discovery to find all assets across the infrastructure and to classify workloads for further analysis of their suitability for the cloud. This saves weeks of manual effort in many organizations and places all the data in one place instead of resorting to multiple toolsets.

The ScienceLogic Cloud Migration Report series shows:

  • Workloads from multiple hypervisors including VMware and Hyper-V
  • CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization levels, normalized to configuration
  • Windows OS performance metrics on each platform
  • Closest equivalent instance in AWS or Azure as an initial basis for comparison

Using this comprehensive set of data, you can perform further analysis of migration candidate workloads based on data sovereignty, privacy, security, and disaster recovery, or other considerations.

Once migrated into the public cloud, new challenges emerge that ScienceLogic is uniquely positioned to resolve. ScienceLogic monitors cloud-based assets along with on-premises assets in the new Hybrid IT environment—ensuring the cloud stays manageable and under control.

Key Benefits

ScienceLogic removes several key barriers to cloud adoption, so organizations can:

  • Move the right workloads to the cloud—with detailed cloud workload reports that provide the data to support migration decisions
  • Avoid migrating unsuitable workloads—and potentially disrupting users
  • Recap the benefits of the cloud sooner—agility and cost savings—by accelerating migration projects
  • Mitigate risk by adding deep visibility into the availability and performance of cloud-based IT components post-migration—and the dependences between them and on-premises infrastructure

A Rich Platform for Hybrid IT Monitoring

ScienceLogic provides the industry’s leading Hybrid IT monitoring platform with comprehensive visibility for your entire infrastructure, regardless of technology, vendor, or location:

  • Discover, monitor, and map IT elements in AWS, Azure, IBM, and vCloud Air
  • Monitor performance and availability of a range of services and the linkages between them
  • Identity cloud migration workload candidates
  • View public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises legacy infrastructure
  • Monitor networks, servers, storage, applications, and cloud components without extra modules or integrations
  • Get started with over 1,500 pre-built applications out-of-the-box—enabling rapid time to value
  • Deliver real-time, role-specific access to data, dashboards, and actions for multiple users and stakeholders