Monitoring Citrix XenCenter & XenServer


Citrix XenServer is a virtualization solution provided by Citrix Systems, which consolidates a physical server’s computing power into multiple virtual machines, each emulating a standalone server. Citrix XenServer supports Windows and Linux operating systems on guest server machines. Through its virtual machine monitoring component, Citrix XenServer manages the allocation and distribution of physical server compute resources among virtual machines and administers their performance and use.

Citrix XenCenter is the management console for XenServer and runs on Windows. This lets administrators configure new virtual machines and enables full virtual machine installation, configuration, administration, and lifecycle management.

ScienceLogic XenCenter PowerPack

The ScienceLogic XenCenter PowerPack provides scalable management and monitoring of multiple XenServer systems through an interface that logically resembles the XenCenter tool. ScienceLogic uses the XenServer API to extract metrics and configurations from the XenServer environment, and works with both commercial and open-source versions of XenServer.

With the ScienceLogic XenCenter PowerPack, customers

  • Automatically discover XenServer hosts and virtual machines
  • Reduce MTTR for XenServer virtualization and cloud environments
  • Achieve early warning of potential problems from virtualization component events
  • View real-time dashboards of XenServer host and VM availability and performance
  • Map relationships for complete XenCenter Pool including XenServer hosts, VMs and storage

Discovery & Dependency Mapping for XenServer

XenServer dependency mapping
Live dependency map shows XenServer pool relationships between hosts, VMs, and storage

Summary of XenServer Metrics

The XenCenter PowerPack collects statistics on over 200 XenServer host and VM metrics including the following categories:

  • XenServer Host statistics including CPU, interface and memory usage
  • XenServer Host network interface TX/RX statistics
  • XenServer Host storage usage statistics
  • Virtual Machine availability and performance

Monitoring Features

XenServer event policies
View XenCenter and XenServer events for VM and storage status and threshold conditions

Pre-built XenCenter & XenServer Dashboards

The XenCenter PowerPack includes four pre-built device summary dashboards for XenCenter elements and three pre-built dashboards included for XenServer performance.

XenServer summary dashboard
XenCenter device summary dashboard shows dials for current conditions and trends on historical performance
XenServer performance details
XenServer top hosts with drilldown to individual host performance