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Byte Solves Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Challenges with ScienceLogic

Customer Story
ScienceLogic helps Byte visualize their customers’ environments and manage them as a service. Byte can largely predict problems and fix issues quickly, but proactively monitoring the VDIs in order to prevent events from happening was a challenge.

Byte created new dashboards and customized ScienceLogic PowerPacks to monitor the number of users connected to each VDI to prevent bottlenecks. If memory usage, CPU usage, or number of users go up, they receive an automated alert from ScienceLogic that is also integrated into their ticketing system. Engineers are now more empowered to find the problem in the system. Byte also monitors the status of VDIs to see how many are unregistered or need maintenance.

Byte is more proactive today, because they see the status, health, and risk levels of IT services in ScienceLogic.