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Hybrid IT infrastructure management solution

Designed to accommodate your needs. From central administration to high availability and disaster recovery, flexibility is in our DNA. Whether you are monitoring hundreds of devices or millions of devices, we’ve got you covered.

With a range of deployment and licensing options, you can select the right solution to meet your requirements and budget.

  • Deploy in minutes or hours—not weeks or months—with an agentless, appliance-based architecture
  • Augment visibility by deploying agents in select locations
  • Leverage subscription and perpetual licensing models
  • License flexibility to migrate across deployment models
  • Apply simple device-based, all-in-one platform licensing and deployment
  • Use hosted deployment to reduce resources needed on-site

Agentless Monitoring

  • Remotely collect data about your infrastructure—configuration, performance and relationships
  • Use published APIs and industry-standard techniques (SNMP, PowerShell, SSH, etc.) for data collection

Agent-Based Monitoring

  • Install patented software on select resources to collect data on your infrastructure and applications—configuration, performance
  • Augment visibility into:
    • Short-lived resources (VMs, cloud instances, containers, micro-services)
    • Resources that can’t be reached with agentless techniques
    • Applications
  • Collect local OS and application log data for off-the-shelf and custom applications


The ScienceLogic SL1 Platform

Get full visibility and automated operations across cloud and distributed architectures.