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To stay on top of the leaderboard in the European cloud industry, T-Systems Ltd. had to find the perfect fit to innovate and expand their hybrid cloud service assurance (private, Azure, AWS, SAP) offerings, with a primary objective of helping customers migrate to their platform without interrupting their existing operations. How did they do IT better with a diverse set of customers all wanting the same high-quality service as before?

With ScienceLogic, T-Systems successfully migrated numerous existing and new customers to their multi-cloud platform, and continues to deliver ‘Zero Outage’ service. Here’s some of what ScienceLogic provided:

  • Implemented customer dashboards showing end-to-end Service views before and after transition
  • Reduced up to 60% of time to resolve CMDB data issues related to systems moving to the cloud
  • Upgraded easy-to-understand dashboards with more in-depth detail
  • Quickly piloted and implemented the solution
  • Drastically simplified diagnosis of complex, intermittent issues

Read the full case study to learn how T-Systems LTD is planning to incorporate ScienceLogic even further into their business to increase existing and future customer satisfaction