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ScienceLogic Software Helps Cloud Services Provider Reduce Costs and Improve Service

Executive Summary

With ScienceLogic, Peak 10 was able to reduce the number of tools they used internally, simplify operations, and drive greater value for their customers.

Business Challenge

  • Using a number of different tools to monitor their infrastructure.
  • A large amount of time spent separating urgent alerts from notifications.
  • Managing massive growth.


  • Consolidate tools.
  • Use intelligent alerting to distinguish between critical and normal notifications.
  • Ensure their monitoring product could scale to meet high growth.


  • Reduced environmental related tickets by over 40%.
  • Improved efficiency by using built-in runbook automation.
  • Extended monitoring coverage to non-traditional equipment.

About Peak 10

Peak 10 is a national IT infrastructure and cloud services provider. It works collaboratively with customers—primarily mid-size companies and organizations—to understand their business objectives and deliver colocation, cloud computing, and a portfolio of managed professional IT services, together with the security, reliability and performance they require. Peak 10 provides the professional and technical skills to serve as an extension of the customer’s own IT department, enabling organizations to focus more resources on innovation, new applications, and revenue generation in their core business.

The Challenge

Numerous tools.

Peak 10, like many IT infrastructure and cloud service providers, had roots as a small company with a relatively small IT footprint. However, their focus on outstanding customer service and use of the most advanced and powerful technologies available caused them to grow rather quickly. Along the way they purchased multiple tools to help them manage and monitor an increasingly diverse infrastructure.

“We found that we were managing a complex infrastructure using a number of different tools,” said Mike Crowley, Internal Systems and Tools Manager at Peak 10. “We wanted to simplify our IT Operations and reduce the cost it took for us to provide service to our customers, while a the same time improve the overall service experience.”

Peak 10 also found that they spent a large amount of time sorting through a number of notifications to find urgent alerts. All of this added to the time and cost it took to provide an exceptional service to their customers.

The Solution

Consolidate nine tools into one.

With increasing complexity and an increased load on operations, Peak 10 set out on an ambitious plan to both consolidate their disparate tools and reduce the number of notifications coming to the support team. Further, as a growing cloud services provider, they set out to build a framework that would provide the scalability they needed to support their growth far into the future. Central to this was finding the right unified monitoring solution that could reduce the number of tools, provide intelligent event correlation, and scale well beyond their current needs today.

After examining a number of monitoring solutions, Peak 10 saw that none matched what ScienceLogic could provide. “ScienceLogic was the clear winner,” said Crowley. “First, we saw that we could consolidate nine of our tools to their one monitoring platform. We also appreciated that the product was multi-tenant from the ground up, starting at the code level. With many other tools, you have to trick them into behaving in a multi-tenant fashion.”

They saw that ScienceLogic’s monitoring platform would give them the ability to monitor everything from Windows and Linux servers to physical and virtual servers, SANs, network equipment, and firewalls. In the end, the level of coverage, ability to scale, and built-in multi-tenancy gave ScienceLogic’s platform the edge it needed to win during the comparative analysis.

The Result

Reduced cost of operations.

After deploying ScienceLogic’s platform, they reduced their overall cost of operations allowing them to invest more in cutting edge technology, delivering even more value to their clients. “ScienceLogic’s built-in event correlation and analysis intelligently suppresses expected and known events, while escalating alerts for urgent events,” added Crowley. “Using ScienceLogic’s monitoring platform we were able to reduce the number of environmental related tickets going to our helpdesk, by over 40%. The platform has greatly improved our efficiency and helped us exceed our service level requirements.”

“Some of the little things have made a huge difference to us at Peak 10. The built-in runbook automation has helped drive greater efficiency across our organization,” continued Crowley. “But even such things as the ability to quickly build our own monitoring templates for non-traditional equipment and network interface support, make a big difference when it comes to customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency.”

As Peak 10 grows, they know that ScienceLogic will grow right along with them. “In the end, ScienceLogic has become less of a supplier or vendor and more of a partner to us,” said Crowley. “We know that as we continue to add new customers and new technologies, ScienceLogic’s platform will scale with us and support just about any technology we can throw at it.”