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Executive Summary

Enablis is an Australia-based provider of managed communication services. They are committed to easing the burden of owning and operating technology for companies with highly-distributed sites and lean IT.
Their comUnity® platform is a ground-breaking solution designed to unify their clients’ data, voice, video, messaging, Wi-Fi, and presence into one future-proofed, worry-free, cloud-based system.

The company feared their previous infrastructure monitoring tools were hindering their business potential. So they chose to migrate to ScienceLogic as their primary monitoring platform. Since then, Enablis has increased revenues by more than 35%. They’ve also avoided the need for investment in ticketing and run book automation solutions. ScienceLogic includes these capabilities out of
the box.


Enablis is an Australia-based provider of managed communication services. They appeared on the MSPmentor Top 501 list for 2015.


  • Existing performance monitoring tool was hindering business growth
  • Difficulty supporting hybrid IT environments and new technologies
  • Lacked ability to dramatically improve current service levels

ScienceLogic Solution

  • Multi-tenant monitoring designed for Managed Services Providers
  • Platform that scaled well beyond need for two million end point monitoring
  • Ability to offer new monitoring services for hybrid cloud, especially AWS

“After evaluating numerous solutions we found that none of the other vendors provided
the level of capabilities that ScienceLogic offered.”

Jon Evans, CEO • Enablis

Business Challenges

Enablis was experiencing an explosive growth rate. The company had recently appeared on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list. But they feared they were reaching their limits with their ability to scale. Their infrastructure monitoring capabilities couldn’t keep up with customer demands.

The company’s leadership prides itself on delivering the best customer service available. In their relentless pursuit of improvement, they realized problems with their current monitoring tool. While adequate, it was a hindrance to improving service levels. It could have also become a detriment to business growth.

At the same time, Enablis sought to expand their services catalog and competitive differentiation. “We needed a monitoring solution that would support our current level of offerings around networks with things such as jitter, latency, and MOS for voice services,” said Jon Evans, CEO of Enablis. “Just as important was the ability to support new technologies with servers, storage, and hybrid IT environments using public cloud offerings like AWS and Azure.”

Enablis realized they needed a monitoring platform designed with service providers in mind. It had to be multi-tenant, scalable, and support monitoring the latest cloud technologies like AWS. And they wanted this all out-of-the-box.

Why ScienceLogic?

Enablis conducted an exhaustive search for the best platform for their customers. They looked at mega vendors and small vendors alike. In the end, it was clear that ScienceLogic was the solution capable of delivering the most value in the shortest amount of time.

It was obvious that ScienceLogic was built by a team who understood a service provider’s pain. It had built-in multitenancy. Building and deploying one dashboard across multiple customers was easy. And the pricing structure aligned to a growing service provider’s needs. Enablis knew that ScienceLogic would be able to support their goal of two million endpoint monitoring and beyond.

For Enablis, the ScienceLogic all-in-one monitoring platform delivers revenue opportunities far beyond scale. They can now expand their services in areas such as server, virtualization, storage, and hybrid cloud monitoring. By driving increased value to their customers, Enablis can also drive greater revenue.

But the opportunity for improving ROI doesn’t stop with increased revenue. The level of support, ease of operations, and lowest on-going development costs made ScienceLogic a clear winner. The built-in ticketing and runbook automation eliminated the need for extra costs associated with acquiring, implementing, and integrating a separate ticketing or automation solution.

One striking example of ScienceLogic’s simplicity was the amount of time it took to get the system up and operational. “In only ten days of work, we were able to get the ScienceLogic platform up and monitoring, with only about 10% more work left to tweak it to specific customer requirements,” said Jon. “Our evaluation of the market told us that only ScienceLogic could have delivered this result.”

Finally, ScienceLogic’s dashboards gave Enablis the ability to deliver the type of look-and-feel their customers expected. And it enhanced the customers’ experience with more detailed visuals of infrastructure performance.

“ScienceLogic’s future vision was light years ahead of any other vendor’s and that told us we were truly partnering with the next generation monitoring provider that would give us the platform to deliver the best in service to our customers.”

Jon Evans, CEO • Enablis