How Technology Diversity Can Help Enterprises Achieve Success

Freedom of Choice Drives Conversations & Solutions at VMworld 2016
The emerging trend of technology diversity within IT environments was woven throughout VMworld 2016. What solutions and challenges does this trend present?

It was impossible to miss the dramatic shift in mindset at VMworld 2016. Having spent 30+ years in IT, I’ve observed numerous shifts – from mainframe to client/server to virtual environments to the cloud and, now, to software-defined data centers. What excites me most about this latest shift is that IT is finally starting to embrace diversity.

Gone are the days of “IBM-only” (fill in your vendor of choice).  Partnerships between vendors like IBM/VMware and Cisco/EMC are increasingly more common. While there is a huge shift to accept IT diversity, even VMware’s announcements of cross-cloud fall short.

Freedom of Choice

Diversity isn’t limited to the cloud or to software-defined data centers.  It applies to all technologies, both traditional and new, across networks, storage, compute, clouds, apps, unified communications, and more. ScienceLogic believes in protecting your right to choose.

It doesn’t matter if you choose physical, virtual, converged, container-based, or software-defined infrastructure. Whether you deploy on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model. And it certainly doesn’t matter which vendor provides the technology or the cloud. It also doesn’t matter if what you choose today is different from what you choose tomorrow or the next year. The choice is yours.

A common thread throughout VMworld 2016 was this idea of combining multiple technologies, vendors, and clouds to achieve what’s optimal for the business. Here are just a few highlights from personal conversations:

  • An IT exec who provides IT services to hundreds of hospitals is rolling out Cisco ACI for his “interstates” and VMware NSX for the “local and rural roads” between the various hospitals.
  • Two IT leaders from a cloud service provider are merging three separate organizations into one. They recently selected ScienceLogic to help manage the wide variety of technologies, vendors, and clouds across all three organizations and provide the visibility needed to deliver a common, yet diverse set of IT services.
  • Numerous VMware product managers and execs (NSX, vCloud Air, vSphere, vBlock, FlexPod, and more) were intrigued by the prospect of using a single service assurance platform from ScienceLogic. Specifically, the ability to provide consistent visibility and control across a diverse set of technologies from VMware, Cisco, IBM, Dell, EMC, NetApp, Nutanix, and more.
  • An IT exec at a large financial institution raised concerns about not knowing what resources they have or what is actively used. They can’t move everything to the public cloud but still need tight control over their resources.
  • One gentleman politely informed me that he didn’t have a diverse IT environment. He only uses VMware. When asked about storage and network; however, he quickly acknowledged that he too lives and works in a diverse world.

How to Discover Your Resources Across a Diverse Environment

It’s clear that this industry shift towards embracing technology diversity is a catalyst for business success. However, it also presents new challenges.

How do you know where your resources are located within a diverse set of integrated technologies? Can you be sure they working as they should? How do you troubleshoot if a problem arises?

Take a look at how ScienceLogic’s patented discovery capability helps IT teams through rich visuals, and near-real time data collection.

If you want to embrace diversity and achieve bigger and better results for you and your business, check out ScienceLogic.  We’d love to provide you visibility and control over your entire IT universe – no matter what it is or where it resides.

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