How to Make Your ServiceNow Technology Smarter

Spend Less Time Making Sense of Data and More Time Addressing Incidents
ScienceLogic has ramped up support for our customer’s ServiceNow incident, event, and CMBD requirements.

So, you’ve mastered how to leverage ServiceNow’s actionable data to resolve incidents and become a trusted source for IT assistance and resolution. That’s a respectable status to reach. But, imagine if you had a real-time feed of performance data to your ServiceNow platform. Your root cause identification and time to resolution stats would be off the charts. You would become the trusted source for IT assistance. You may even become known around the office as Usain Bolt – because you are just that fast. Even on your worst day, you’re still the best. We know our customers benefit from having organized, actionable data at their fingertips. With this in mind, ScienceLogic has ramped up support for our customer’s ServiceNow incident, event, and CMBD requirements. Our integration with ServiceNow is designed to present the information that matters in an easily consumable way. This allows you and your team to spend less time making sense of the data, and more time addressing incidents. How can our integration help you reach Usain Bolt status? Here are some highlights:

How to Make Your ServiceNow Technology Smarter (Special Guest Testimonial from Kellogg)—Watch the webinar now!
  • Cut Costs by Reducing Incidents in ServiceNow – Events are automatically correlated and de-duplicated, and then incidents are logged in ServiceNow based on these cleaner events. Cleaner events mean less infrastructure related incidents in ServiceNow. Less incidents enable customers to pinpoint problems faster, ultimately leading to cost reduction.
  • Enhanced Coverage to Support the Cloud – Our monitoring coverage is both broad and deep, making it easier than ever to see your ServiceNow coverage across cloud-based and hybrid IT infrastructures.
  • Support for Emerging Technologies – Whether you’re adopting new technologies or leveraging highly reliable ones like satellite systems (or both), ScienceLogic’s flexible and easily configurable platform provides the support your infrastructure needs, and the data feed to ServiceNow to ensure consistent performance.
  • Added Intelligence and Increased Accuracy of ServiceWatch – By automatically logging incidents or events as they happen in the infrastructure, the ScienceLogic integration ensures that ServiceNow’s ServiceWatch more accurately reflects the health of IT services in real-time.
  • Drive Operational Efficiency with Auto-applied Monitoring Policies to Configuration Items (CIs) – Monitor the performance of every CI added to the ServiceNow CMDB by automatically applying the right monitoring policies to every CI discovered using ScienceLogic’s integration. This ensures that the right metrics and analytics are applied to the correct technologies every time, increasing operational efficiency.
  • Accelerate and Streamline ServiceNow Implementation and Management – Our single sign-on platform allows users to consolidate and integrate up to 14 different monitoring solutions, drastically reducing implementation complexity with ServiceNow.
  • Dynamically Enhanced CIs in the ServiceNow CMDB  Now CIs have added configuration, intelligence, and analytics information in the ServiceNow CMDB. That means ScienceLogic updates specific CI attributes in near real-time, as changes happen within the infrastructure. Our platform will intelligently discover and add CIs to the CMBD, a feature that traditional discovery tools are just not capable of, giving ServiceNow customers a complete representation of their infrastructure in their CMDB.
  • Expanded Customer Support Investment – We know that even you, the trusted source for IT assistance, may have questions, requests, or need support at times. That’s why we have enhanced our customer support for this integration. We also have a dedicated development and product management team tasked with deepening the functional capabilities of the ScienceLogic platform with ServiceNow.

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