Not Your Average Webinar

ScienceLogic’s upcoming “Ten Signs Your IT Ops are Really Ugly” webinar, hosted by our CTO Antonio Piraino, and 451 Research's Michael Coté is definitely worth tuning into.

I am never quick to accept an invitation to a webinar. We only have so many hours in a day, and, it would take something very relevant in order for me to close out of my e-mail completely and ignore all of my incoming calls for an entire hour.

I had the pleasure of observing a test run of ScienceLogic’s upcoming “Ten Signs Your IT Ops are Really Ugly” webinar, hosted by our CTO Antonio Piraino, and 451 Research’s Michael Coté.  It is definitely worth tuning into, and not just because the graphics on the slides are fun and Coté is a former coder turned comedian.

As indicated in the title, Antonio and Coté will address the common red flags in networks everywhere – signs you may need a new approach in making your network more efficient, and well, prettier. Both Antonio and Coté have sat through their fair share of webinars that went on just a little bit too long. And, Coté himself said he never wants a webinar to turn into a “technology is awesome” lecture.

Chances are, when you tune into the webinar, you will discover that your network is indeed ugly. Buying a development tool isn’t easy – these are big, comprehensive tools, and at times very pricy.

And then, actually deploying the product is rarely seamless. Many networks have a whole slew of management tools, all made by different manufacturers, so of course they don’t all fit together perfectly when installed initially – and maybe not ever. The webinar will swiftly move through all the signs you may need to reinvestigate your development operations. Coté and Antonio won’t tell you what to do to solve your problems – they know we don’t have all day.

I like the way Coté put it – each bullet point that the hosts go through are like “bookmarks for the people to go and investigate more.” So, bottom line, if you are not 100% certain that your network is clean, perfect and pretty, then you should definitely be logging into this webinar on Tuesday at 11 EST. If any of your best and talented engineers are wasting their precious time and brain power on fixing every day, routine network problems, you will definitely find this webinar relevant.