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Meet Erick Burgess, Senior Product Manager

Meet ScienceLogic's Erick Burgess, Senior Product Manager and Logician Corner Lab Leader.

Hi, I’m Erick Burgess!

Q: What do you do at ScienceLogic?
A: I’m a Senior Product Manager here and I’m responsible for the vision and road map of PowerPacks covering several technologies. These technologies include unified communications and video, Microsoft Windows servers and on-premise applications, along with VMWare and Linux servers, APM products like Dynatrace, New Relic, and several generic SNMP packs like Host Resources.

Q: What does IT in Motion mean for you?
A: This years’ Symposium theme is IT in motion, it makes me think of software to find technologies and their ability to spin up and spin down on demand. This adds complexity and transiency to IT operations and requires a new approach to monitoring.

Q: What can attendees talk to you about at Symposium?
A: I cover a broad set of technologies, so I’m sure you’re using one or more of these in your SL1 environment. If you’d like to talk about these PowerPacks or have related feature requests, please come see me at the Logicians Corner at Symposium.

New to PowerPacks?
With hundreds of packaged management apps—organized by functionality into PowerPacks—ScienceLogic helps you monitor just about everything in your environment. If ScienceLogic doesn’t monitor a technology out-of-the-box, you can quickly and easily build your own PowerPacks to monitor your custom equipment and applications.

More than a conference.
Symposium is our premier education and thought leadership event for business and IT professionals of all background and experience level. In just two days, you’ll get the tools you need to become an agent of high-value change in your organization!

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