ChannelLogic Partner Enablement

A Four-Course Program
ChannelLogic partners have to be nourished with nutritious,delicious enablement. So, we have come up with a four-course menu of programs to feed the minds and businesses of our partners.

As any doting mother will tell you, children must eat in order to grow big and strong. Probably not the first time you’ve heard that, is it?

We’d like to think that our ChannelLogic partners have to be nourished with nutritious and delicious enablement as well.  So, we have come up with a four-course menu of programs to feed the minds and businesses of our partners.

Part of our job is to help our partners profit with as little investment as necessary. So, we’ve designed fast-paced, easily digestible educational content to keep things moving. By participating in our enablement, our partners can create new revenue streams, reduce costs and time to value, and produce recurring revenue for years to come, thus increasing the overall value of the partner’s

So, let’s see what’s on the menu.

Appetizer Course

To whet the appetite of our partner SE’s to understand ScienceLogic, we have created the ScienceLogic Next Gen Ultimate Test Drive (UTD).  We present an antipasto tray of hands-on experiences for participants to get their hands on ScienceLogic.  The three-hour course includes three lab exercises:

  1. How to discover devices on your network.  This is always the start of any monitoring and automation process. You have to know what’s on the network in order to monitor, automate, manage and secure for that matter.
  2. How to create a dashboard:  Merely collecting information is of little use if that data cannot be interpreted and analyzed.  Students will learn how to create dashboards that are customer, even audience specific.  This adds real value add to the client and demonstrates a unique level of responsiveness and understanding about the client’s business.  And it makes the partner’s relationship much more sticky.
  3. Run-time Automation:  Every network has manual tasks, some get performed, others are ignored because they take too much time.  ScienceLogic is able to perform repetitive network tasks, so the administrators don’t have to spend their time.  Automation saves time and thus ultimately money.

The UTD starts with an architectural overview of ScienceLogic.  But one of the best features of the Ultimate Test Drive is the interactive format.  Any product question is fair game and can create short discussions.  Click here for more information, or to register.

Soup & Salad Course

Our Customer Portal is a mixed salad of resources and tools that partners need to get educated and prepared to solve customer’s monitoring problems.  It is a place to view recorded demo’s, release notes, slide presentations, and our community for sharing PowerPacks.  We offer a tour of this portal so partners get full value of access to these resources.  Click here to visit the ScienceLogic customer portal.

Main Course

Time for the main course!  For the first time, ScienceLogic is offering virtual, WebEx-based ScienceLogic Professional training.  This is the same product training that our employees and customers take.  This is the Filet Mignon of ScienceLogic knowledge.  Also interactive, ScienceLogic professional training lead this course.  And it is only available to ScienceLogic partners.


Wouldn’t you like a little sweet for dessert?  A piece of pie, maybe?  Once partners have experienced the UTD and then ScienceLogic Professional training, we provide a demo account specifically for that partner.  The unique multi-tenant architecture of ScienceLogic enables us to make multiple copies of a demo instance. Partners can also customize reports, dashboards and dozens of other features.  We even offer a guided tour of our demo system.

And possibly the best part of all, once the bill comes, ScienceLogic picks up the check.  None of the above activities has a cost to our partners.

Do More with ChannelLogic

Good nourishment makes for healthy, long-living bodies.  The ChannelLogic partner program provides all the vitamins and minerals our partners need to build strong and highly profitable practices.

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