A New Architecture for the Hybrid Cloud

There is a massive transition towards the cloud underway. More and more enterprise organizations want to get out of the data centers business. Data centers are expensive to build, operate, maintain,

There is a massive transition towards the cloud underway.  More and more enterprise organizations want to get out of the data centers business.  Data centers are expensive to build, operate, maintain, and modernize. For some organizations this just means that they will not build any new data centers while others are actively looking to close their existing data centers.  But, the wholesale transfer of existing apps and services to a public cloud is not a trivial task.  It cannot happen overnight. 

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In fact, most organizations will end up in a hybrid state where some resources are in the public cloud and some infrastructure permanently stays under the control of IT. An interesting architecture has emerged that can help ease this transition.  Hosted data centers are becoming an increasingly important component of a migration plan towards a hybrid cloud. Hosted data centers have some obvious advantages, including:

  • They offload many of the physical responsibilities of datacenter management such as power, HVAC, physical security, and resiliency
  • They allow for easy growth as additional capacity is required
  • They have high-speed network connections with most of the major network carriers

In addition, some of the most progressive hosting environments have an additional innovative service.  Direct, private, high-speed connections to the public cloud providers.  You can quickly provision a direct connection to Amazon, Azure, or other major cloud and SaaS providers.  Imagine a 10G pipe from the heart of your corporate network to your public cloud resources that doesn’t travel over the internet.

In this architecture, the hosting environment becomes the logical core of the enterprise network.  It provides high-speed reach back to on-premises infrastructure and is 1 hop away from the public cloud resources.  You can incrementally move infrastructure to the hosted environment allowing you to shrink the footprint of the legacy data centers.  Some of these assets may one day move into the public cloud or may permanently stay in the hosted environment.  This architecture provides the flexibility and agility of a hybrid cloud architecture allowing enterprises to get out of the datacenter business.

Traditional Architecture

Traditional Architecture

Modern Hybrid Architecture

Modern Hybrid Architecture

Because ScienceLogic has a multi-technology, multi-cloud monitoring platform, we are ideally suited to be part of this hybrid architecture.  We can monitor traditional network, compute, and storage resources and we have deep integrations with all the major cloud provider including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and VMware vCloud Air.  From a single interface, you can monitor resources in a traditional datacenter, hosted environments, and the public cloud.  Operational visibility is maintained throughout the migration under all of the different stages.  You can move workloads to the best environment and not be limited by your tools. Ready to get started? Request a demo and start monitoring your public cloud environments using ScienceLogic.

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